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Earth Friendly

One of the best ways for the increasingly common Earth-friendly consumers of today to decrease the amount of energy they consume is by upgrading and making improvements to their homes. Mike Sikora’s Dayton Home Improvement Center is well aware of the need to produce energy-efficient, cost-effective homes, and as a result, we carry an array of products that are not only Earth friendly but that also greatly improve the appearance of your home.

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The following are examples of the products we use to make homes more Earth friendly.

  • For roofing projects, we use color shingles that exhibit the reflective, energy-efficient qualities of white shingles and roofs. The result is an Earth-friendly roof with a flexible design and color to suit each customer.
  • Vinyl siding definitely has its place in green building. Vinyl siding is light weight, easy to transport, is less expensive to manufacture than traditional materials and relatively little energy is used to make it. Couple those characteristics with the fact that vinyl siding exhibits superior insulation properties and it’s no wonder that some of the most sustainable homes in America were built using the same Structure® EPS Insulated Siding that Mike Sikora’s Dayton Home Improvement carries.
  • To maximize the efficiency of your windows, we carry energySMART® windows that are specially designed to reduce your energy consumption. The window glass is made of two separate panes of glass, held together by a Warm Edge Technology Spacer. The design reduces both drafts and home heat loss. They make for an excellent Earth-friendly option.

Taking a few steps to make an existing home more Earth friendly is easier than you may think. Get in touch with us and we’ll show you how!